Golden Goose

This weekend saw an adventure away to celebrate a birthday with a lifelong friend down in Bristol. We are getting old. The world in which we live in has changed. We have changed. Anyway - beverages were involved.

I was introduced to the concept of a Prohibition bar, a Speakeasy if you will. Self proclaimed no less. A plain office building if you will on the outside, and inside, a wonderous art decco era museum piece, with decor and fittings that would best be described by hunting lodge hits masonic lodge... head on... in maybe the 50's. For me, it worked. Not the all too common faux atmosphere nailed to the walls - these were real books, taxidermy, stained glass, leather. This was a place to be. This was dripping in attention to detail. The kind of place I could spend HOURS in - sober - with a camera.

Primarily the drinks were FINE. The Rum Conference I can completely reccomend (assuming you like that kind of thing)... but as Heston would have it - the environment helps makes the food and drink... helps make the memory. I concur.

Anyway - the thought stuck with me - and on leaving it started to ring bells. All to familiar bells... like a recepie...

  • Authority
  • Likeability
  • Reciprocity
  • Consistency
  • Consensus
  • Scarcity

.... you have to know it exists to find it.

.... as such you need to know someone who knows.

.... on answering they are in complete denial - unless YOU know its there.

.... don't know what you want - they will mix you something specific.

.... it has very little in the way of seating or capacity.

.... the environment is everything.

It's like a check list of psychological warfare, of the nicest kind.

High value beverages for the low volume consumer. Limited space. Its a genial concept. Jovial knowledgeable staff. Six or so tables - piano included... and rooms... oh such rooms for events.

On capacity being to the point of "We have a reservation coming in. Space is low. Would you care to be seated at the piano? I must advise you sir that any attempt to play it will result in you being asked to leave."

I am an engineer. I am NOT a businessman. However I think they have a Golden Goose there... and I approve.

Here is to more of them. But shhhhh - just between you and me hey ;)

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