R1soft Monitor Stopped

This week we suffered an issue with our R1soft cdp-server/SBM. We restarted it after it became unresponsive. This is not an end of the world event, and furthermore, we stopped the service politely before restarting it. Only clue in logging is Monitor Stopped.

The server does not auto update, however it DOES apply security patches. This was key to what was occurring.

The CDP service / SBM (server backup manager) simply would not start.

The logs looked like this:


STATUS | monitor | 2017/06/21 11:43:08 | Launching a Service...
DEBUG | monitor | 2017/06/21 11:43:09 | Signal trapped. Details:
DEBUG | monitor | 2017/06/21 11:43:09 | signal number=17 (SIGCHLD), source="unknown"
DEBUG | monitor | 2017/06/21 11:43:09 | Received SIGCHLD, calling wait().
DEBUG | monitor | 2017/06/21 11:43:09 | wait() returned, child process should be gone.
DEBUG | monitor | 2017/06/21 11:43:09 | JVM process is gone.
ERROR | monitor | 2017/06/21 11:43:09 | Service exited while loading the application.


STATUS | monitor | 2017/06/20 13:43:26 | --> Monitor Started as Daemon
STATUS | monitor | 2017/06/20 13:43:26 | Launching a Service...
ERROR | monitor | 2017/06/20 13:43:26 | Service exited while loading the application.
STATUS | monitor | 2017/06/20 13:43:26 | Service Restarts disabled. Shutting down.
STATUS | monitor | 2017/06/20 13:43:26 | <-- Monitor Stopped


2017-06-20 13:03:53,507 ERROR - Database is already closed (to disable automatic closing at VM shutdown, add ";DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE" to the db URL) [90121-176]

Generally it all looks a bit cryptic - apart from the fact that the JVM has gone south, and generally things are not working.

I am guessing we were not alone, and the following was posted a few days later:


A kernel update was causing it to fail. Booting from an older kernel resolved the issue instantly - however obviously meant that the kernel still presented an issue.

Worth noting that the kernel can effect the JVM operation - and thus R1soft CDP for future issues with the SBM (Server Backup Manager).

Bane. Of. My. Life.

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