Things you hear in support.

Today is a wonderful day. The sun is out, the sky is blue... but people are using the wrong words for this. This vexes me - no - in fact this *wounds* me. Like so many papercuts.

Use. Your. Words.

This week thus far the following gems have been spotted in the wild:

Uplift - often reinforced when the use of Upload is used in its place;

Burst - to be compromised, had, p0wn3d, cracked, hacked, generally someone has been where they should not have been. Used by people who should know better. People who we are asking to resolve said issue. I may as well ask a coaster to go and cut my grass.

It needs Rebooted - confusion over tense. Same body of people. Past tense for a request for something to happen. TENSE? LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT TENSE?!

Hostings - The act of delivering a web page, commonly pluralized on signage, letters and emails for no apparent reason. Akin to referring to a crane company as liftings. "Hello is that liftings?" "no mate its Crane Brothers"

Dom Ian - Can I have your domain name - yes, I am Peter. [facepalm]. Oh, I see what you mean my Dom Ian is blahblah.tld

My spelling is awful. My grammar can be wayward at times. However for the love of god, USE YOUR WORDS. It is okay to not know the term. Its okay to not understand the right word. We are all good at different things - that is part of the great tapestry of life. There are plenty of non technical words to use. Heaven only knows as I get older more and more escape me at exactly the most inopportune moment - however - this - this is full on, confident, jibberish. Kindly cease and desist.

I think I need a sit down for a bit ... did I mention the weather? Mmmmmmm.

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