Time to let go.

A while back I lost a bunch of sleep over CentOS5 and gained a few more grey hairs in the process. Stuff goes EOL (End Of Life) all the time. Support ends. You move on – or you wing it. You wing it and you are running off into a minefield with no route in or route that is safe – but hey… its better than upgrading right now right amidst this veritable firefight? Right. _sometimes_ … and for a bit… then its really time.

However – there comes a time when you REALLY need to let go.

I feel like there an elephant in the room.

Lets talk about XP.

“Friends do not let Friends run XP.”

Even Pete in the office has stopped now!!

So sure… I feel all warm and cosy inside to hear the Metropolitan Police alone is using 18000 Windows XP machines in 2017, and most of all – I particularly want to embrace someone warmly by the throat when I find out that our new lacklustre warship runs XP as well. What could POSSIBLY go wrong there?! #notinmyname

Mmmmmmmmmmmm feel that Bliss Hill goodness.

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