A pain shared

This week I have been gaining a hell-of-a-lot of pleasure watching other engineers embrace the same pain. While it certainly should not be the way - watching others fall at the same hurdles, struggle, get frustrated... it feels good. It tastes like - vindication, validation. A royal pain-in-the-arse shared is a pain halved it would seem. This is good. This is progress. We are talking here about the pain for r1soft CDP.

When you are dealing with a troublesome platform - and it is troublesome it vexes you. You do what you can with it. You raise support tickets like they are going out of fashion. You do what you can do to get things sorted. However with long term testing the only option its often the fix, and hurry-up-and-fail of waiting to see what happens when these multi day processes run.

What is not good however is a product that claims to be enterprise grade not supporting current kernels. Openly

"R1Soft does not provide prebuilt modules for the popular kernels anymore."

When they do build them - they will usually appear here http://repo.r1soft.com/modules/ - however you start to ask yourself some rather deep come philosophical questions... such as

- Can I *really* be the only person in the entire world using R1soft CDP?

- How come the kernels I need are *never* available / already compiled?

- If I am - am I the only one who patches their servers?

- Do working backups *really* trump secure servers?

- Will there come a time when the Kernel I am running simply is not and cannot be supported?

- Will there come a point where the Kernel is not supported by the bundled JVM?

- Why am I even asking this - as I know the answer - this happened before for a year?!

- If there is a god, has he stopped keeping score?

... you know how it goes. As rain audibly hammers against the roof on this fine July Summers day in Wales - I find solace in the fact that it does 'not always just rain on me'... for today it is raining on my colleagues also. Although... I cannot help but notice that I still seem to be raising tickets on their behalf, and making server side changes to the Server Backup Manager.

"Java. Don't talk to me about Java." -- Marvin T P Android.

In this case I am going to make the following - well thought through postulation:

"If you are spending more time tending the needs of the platform than you are managing the backups themselves - something is very fucked up my friend."

So I had best try and articulate my demons - suck it up - and get on with it (albeit now in fine company).

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