Schrödinger’s Endpoint

The last 24 hours have been insightful. Another occurrence of stepping back, trying not to get angry, but at the same point to trying to justify the events that are occurring in front of you. The centrepoint of this little story is the following statement "If you are an enterprise fibre / transit provider run by one of the big global providers - it should not take you two hours to figure out if an endpoint is okay."

The very fact I feel moved to put this into words is indicative of the frustration.

TWO... HOURS....

- Monitor?

- Resolve?

- Login?

- Ping?

- Portscan?

Make no mistake this is an outfit of shiny, smart, global, with an army of resources to bring to bear on issues like this - yet with this comes a lack of agility it seems.

Is it up?

Is it down?

Can you reach it or can you not?

This is not Schrödinger's Endpoint.... there is no intermediate state.

With great size comes a lack of agility and visibility... or a search for a better excuse than that.

I could go on - but I am just going to leave that there.

Scale is not everything. ...and I feel better for letting that out.

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