Cross Chain

Last week I was re-masculating myself after weakening and having to sink to the use of my LBS to get some hydraulics installed/bled. The significant other had need of much bike mechanics for the winter bike, and I had both tools, parts, time, and skill. I was in fact, living the dream.

Now some of you may have heard of cross chaining. Especially if you are older.

The concept that even back in the day of much smaller cassettes (and thus much smaller arcs through which a chain could be passed) was drilled into you more than it appears to be these days. Mantra Like. Chains you see - they like being straight. That is - the point. Their reason d'etre if you will. Efficient transfer of force from one location to another with minimal loss. To the point there is a device to derail the chain on most modern bikes. It WANTS to be straight.

So causing the chain to run at an angle over two parallel cogs is going to be sub optimal at best. While modern chains (Shimano) are often asymmetric to allow it to flex one way more than the other in terms of lateral force I am guessing the wear is still going to be higher when delivering torque at an increased tangent. A chain's life is not an easy one.

I happen to know a lady who does this. A lot. If not constantly. However as designated bike fairy it is something that does not present itself as an issue just the occasional "it is making that noise again".

Face. Palm. Draw slowly downwards.

So yeah - here we have an example of a chain that has had a hard life. It went into use in January. Rode the winter, and got changed (transmission moving from 9 to 10 speed).

Keep in mind that this is not the side view - this is from above.

Cross chaining fsck's up your chain people.

Friends don't let friends cross chain.

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