Organised Crime, lack of clue, and the Royal Mail

This week I read this article regarding gangs recruiting postal workers to obtain information from specific parties, or two specific parties. This is very bad for the Postal workers if they are caught intercepting the Queens mail - naughty naughty, and lashings of time at her majesties pleasure. However what about all those occasions where the sender makes little or no attempt to secure the information?

This article stuck a chord with me for a number of reasons - not least of all because I have tried to follow up on having my post intercepted. The results were poor, very poor.

"So what makes you think your mail was intercepted sir?"
"Oh, I dont know - maybe it was the blade slice crisply along the edge, and the 'if not delivered please deliver to Swansea blah-blah-blah'"
"I see - I am not sure how they know it would be from us"
"It has DVLA on the front, and has a card inside it?"
"What would YOU like me to do about it?"

"I would like for you to exercise some clue in sending out key identification as you are making yourself an issue."

.... see and there we are - where does the burden lay with this? Maybe if they are being treated as a form of legally recognised photo ID - that - you know - you could maybe send them Special Delivery (where each point that touches it is logged)?

The approach is apparently "write to the following address, and request your ID is held for extra checks where it presented."
Asking what the implications of this are - delays on checks, replacements, borders, and so on.


Allow me to further complicate MY life for sloppyness with MY data by YOU.

I am not fully up to speed with the GDPA, and the teeth it promises to bear - but state or otherwise - if someone is negligent with your data - surely the burden should lay with them?

So yeah - on reading this article - was I surprised - hell no. Do I think it is widespread? Sure. Is it likely to be rife anywhere where driving licenses, and passports are routed out through - sure.

It's funny how banks are all over it like a rash though right - now I WONDER why that could be?

We live in interesting times, and some one is about the chum the water with the sharks in it.

Rant ends.

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