CL7 Kernels and Xen PV

I have been having issues with Cloud Linux 7 on a Xen 4.4 platform (for example OnApp v5 LTS) - and was curious as to whether this was a party for one - or widespread, and now have confirmation. Once again Cloud Linux being super helpful and informative. I cannot praise them enough.

AT THIS TIME anything newer than 3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.4.77.el7.x86_64 will not work on Xen PV

"The kernels younger than 3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.4.77.el7.x86_64 (meaning those where Spectre / Meltdown patches have been already included) are known to fail when booted as a paravirtualized xen-DomU. It happens because the kernel stack structures were altered by these patches, and Xen knows nothing about them.
Although the process is in progress there is no ETA available at the moment.
As a temporary measure, it could be advised to disable further kernel updates until this issue is solved."

Well - the updates - that is not going to happen, but I will be mindful of scheduled or non-attended restarts. On the upside this is not a party for one, this is a widespread thing.

Stick with 3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.4.77 for the time being and be pleased that its working and its ass is not completely in the breeze.

[update Friday 2nd February 2018]

Today CloudLinux issued the following for testing:

yum clean all --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing && yum install kernel-3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.5.12.el7 --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

I can confirm that these will also not work on Xen 4.4 / OnApp 5.5 / CentOS6

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