Things you miss not riding to work…

I am trying (really hard) to get back to riding by default again. For it to be a non-choice. Something that is implicitly fun. The shine has been severely dulled over the last couple of years through accident and people stuff.

2018 is here (lacklustre drum roll): Queue stops riding with a club, start riding with *me*, try to get over the whole "that is barely worth heading out for" and "I cannot keep up" mindset.

Short runs to work, and longer rides home are the order of the day... although due to life getting in the way - my 30 days - may finish in Spring at this rate!

However, one thing I apparently do miss or rather was missing are the views. The changing seasons, colours, temperatures, lighting, atmosphere.

Now I have had a flat here in the past and looked up to think 'there are certainly worse places' - however this particular morning I took a was minding my own business when the view metaphorically stopped me in my tracks. Despite running a little late, I took a gamble - went back - and took a series of pictures to be stitched together later into a panorama.

Below: Here we are looking East over the top of St Asaph with the block top of the Cathedral showing. Long shadows, golden light, close to freezing, sheer atmosphere. Love this. Miss this. need more. Will have more. Lucky boy.

Panorama taken with iphone as a series of portraits, and stitched together in Hugin after the event.



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