‘COULD NOT MOUNT’ errors with Dell Firmware update image on USB

Updating the firmware on Dell PowerEdge server from downloaded images to USB failing. The errors output to the screen regarding the inability to mount various disks (despite having clearly just booted from the one it is looking for #winning):

booting from cdrom with share_script as drm_files/apply_bundles.sh

COULD NOT MOUNT /dev/[various]

/opt/dell/toolkit/systems/drm_files/apply_bundles.sh is invalid ...

Older generations do not (currently) have the ability to update from the internet using the LifeCycleManager - so boot disk is the ONLY way to update these. Equally, you may have later generations that have no direct internet connection.

On repurposing a server I took the liberty of ensuring that it's firmware was up to date.

You can get the most current firmware as a self-applying patches within a bootable ISO image which is great. The link at the time of writing for PowerEdge Firmware updates is here:


This particular incident was while patching older Dell Power 11th Generation hardware - in this case, a Dell R510. The generation is given away by the second number - so they progress like this.

R510 - 11th Generation

R520 - 12th Generation

R530 - 13th Generation

R540 - 14th Generation

You get the idea.

The solution is a little surreal - but works fine it would seem. BURN THE IMAGE TO A DVD.

We do not have reels of optical media around the place what with it being 2018 so we broke out the trust DVD ReWriteable we have kicking around, and an external USB drive and made good.

It booted, found the image it required, progressed to audit and apply patches before prompting for a keypress and reboot.

Really irritating issue - retro trip doing it the once - but would tire greatly if I had to do a lot of this. Dear Dell... .

If you have seen similar or know how to prevent this - do let me know, please.

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