Using Pi-Hole to neuter JS Crypto threat

I do not know how I have gone this long without hugely extolling the virtues of Pi-Hole. It is great. Don't take my word for it - go look

So - what does it do?

I am glad you asked - it is a DNS blackhole. Simple as that. As the name suggests it was originally designed to run on Raspberry Pi hardware.

Because it works at a DNS level it can help your entire network - as opposed to just an AdBlock Plus on your local machine.

Using it for DHCP means you can see who is querying what (and if THAT doesn't float your boat then you do not know what is good for you!), how often, and where from. Nice.

So anyway - after seeing the increase in JavaScript based bitcoin mining, and the less sly compromised server types... again they are pulling up outbound connections to cryptocurrency resources to make good their evil plans.

The first few checks on a freshly updated pi-hole suggested that a bunch of these were blocked - then I realised others - not so much as Chrome presents me with an exceptionally RED shouty page. Oh. Oh dear.

So I go on a little adventure, and source two other lists that include sites and domains that are linked to nefarious cryptocurrency mining.

Pi-Hole is great in terms of taking pretty much anything and making good with it. Their stock blacklists come with both lists of domains, and those intended for use in /etc/hosts files with links back to localhost or similar... it does, not, care. Hoorah. Moreover, it de-dupes these after the event.

SO - with the caveat that I am not responsible for these, their content, updates, accuracy, or so forth - you may wish to add these to your blacklist/blocklist list. Equally, these may be added to the main default lists before long - however, no harm as the block lists are de-duped. Great stuff.

SETTINGS > BLOCK LISTS >  box at the bottom and then click on SAVE AND UPDATE.

Excitement ends.

Oh - and if you can - do play with the Pi-hole. While your delicious significant other may rant about how she cannot click on adverts, how adverts are not on some web pages she likes (factual events)... you can nod, smile, and know that you have 1) got an understanding who calls what on your network and 2) you have made an (another) effort to minimise the badness.

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