Twitter Communication

In a month that has seen the pro's and con's of having a business twitter account debated quite heatedly.

The angst could be narrowed down to two points. When it needed to be used, hands were tied on updates, and PR/Marketing didn't step up and push the advantage. When it went wrong - people spamming and not listening to advice given.

Today I read About That Tantrum from Seth Godin. An excerpt below:

We heard you. We, as in the people you were seeking to impact, and we as in the rest of us as well, the innocent bystanders.

Actually, we heard you the first time. Ever since then, the only information that's being communicated is about you, not the people you're angry with.

You're demonstrating your privilege (because you need to have plenty of resources in order to waste so many on an emotional, non-productive tirade.)

You're demonstrating your entitlement.

You're demonstrating a surprising lack of self control. Toddlers have tantrums. Adults should solve problems.

Bravo Seth.




Chapaeu that man, Chapeau!

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