Words & Time

Logging into old cPanel servers - they proudly announce at the top of WHM page that they stop support CentOS6 in 2020.

My initial reaction was one of:

"2020 - The Future: We will all be wearing silver and in spaceships by then."

Then  (after you read it enough times) realise date that is around eighteen months in the future. A real, present, timeline. The message went in with a bit more gravity.

I think the first time I heard this illustrated was:

"Cold without medication at least a week, but a cold WITH medication will only last seven days or so."

Dear world - please start giving me advisories on timelines in smaller units - tangible - no futuristic events. Things like stopping working in 18 months, or You have 2 months to move this. You know? Thnx bai.

None the less - space suits and flying saucers, here we come!

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