1337 h4x0r5

It has been a while since I have seen anything at all involving "leet speak" - or 1337 5P34K if you really must.

Just look at this gem! Behold the beauty:

The end user had got in touch after becoming confused as to why the website had gone offline.

They had received a large number of emails informing them that their site had been infected. Further emails then arrived notifying them that content had been deleted. Moments later, the oh-so-hard to join dots extrapolated an additional reference point of "site-no-work."

What triggered their reaction was not any of these - but the fact their site had stopped working.

The compromise itself was no surprise - lack of updates being the root cause. WordPress is fabulous, it really is. However, due to being so ubiquitous it forms a sizeable target. Those that have not been updated or patched make easy pickings.

But hey - look at that - LEET SPEAK in 2018, and NEEDS MOAR CULOR! That did raise a smile. You are also not seeing the FULL BEAUTY there as this was using a COMIC SANS font called RACING1 ... oh. my.

If there was something to take away from this (other than Patchman and BitNinja doing a fabulous job of 'helping' end users here) - it would be that people do not embrace the fact that NO WEBSITE better than INFECTED WEBSITE.

Seriously people - can we really try and push this point.

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