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We were likening something to "the plug" again today. Some time ago a colleague got hold of what I believe was a OnePlus One phone destined for the Chinese market. The legend of the plug was born. Today I will share.

Needless to say there was much comedy with the whole thing to start with - the idea of it being a conveniently portable bugging device/ keylogger - and if you listened very closely you could hear the Chinese operatives on the other end (the reality being a particularly unfunny reality that "The Man" is very likely to have backdoors in every Cisco, HP, Dell, and so on we operate day in day out).

Anyway - a big fuss was made about completely levelling the device, reflashing firmware, reinstalling the OS and so on. Solid choices.

As a gesture, the vendor had included an 'adapter' of sorts was included to ensure that the two pin charger that came with the device could operate. However - on inspection - what a thing - what a wonder.

It is *such* an exemplary piece of engineering, danger, cheapness, that it has attained legendary status in our office.

Today - I decided to open it up - check it was as we thought it was - and share. This is the stuff of legends. Wow. Amazing.

There are no contacts. It MAY have worked if the pins went in far enough - maybe - with much arcing. Not even little bent bits of metal by the way of a leaf spring at the side. Nothing. Amazing. Love it. You are the shittest. Make plugs great again. Biggly.

Feel the quality of the finger shielding on the live and neutral there. Mmmmmm. Plush. ZERO expense spared or, for that matter, spent. Not even the time and trouble of a fake CE mark. Delicious. I am in awe.

10 Amps ... seriously? TEN AMPS. This is ever getting plugged in - however an example of winning it is a true icon to aspire to.

Hats off adapter man.

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