Unable to authenticate the catalog file in the update repository (SUP0504)

After taking down a Xen OnApp cluster member to have its PERC H730mini replaced after 'kind of' half working, half not (less than ideal in an enterprise environment) - I ran into the error "Unable to authenticate the catalog file in the update repository (SUP0504)" in the LifeCycleController (LCC) when taking advantage of the downtime to ensure that the unit I was pressing back into service was running firmware that was patched up to date. We don't often get the opportunity to have these nodes offline.

So sure, firstly - even for the Dyslexic boy here I can see that catalog is spelt wrong - so yes "Unable to authenticate the catalogUE file in the update repository (SUP0504)" first of all.

The rest of this reads:

"Recommended Action:

Use a repository that has the catalog file from a trusted source and retry the operation. If the catalog is from a trusted source, click OK to proceed without digital signature verification."

In short - whatever it has downloaded, doesn't check out against the recognised certificate / signature / checksum. To which the general rule of thumb is DO NOT USE.

So I press on with the rest of the updates, and restart the machine, and call Dell Support.

They suggest the most likely cause is the download failing.


So knowing that two geo-diverse dedicated fibres are unlikely to be the issue, especially when this has failed from a rack and failed from a bench (on different switches) - I accepted their suggested route of emailing me the firmware and applying it through the iDRAC interface. Fair enough.

Out of curiosity - having had so many items of firmware updated including the BIOS and Lifecycle Controller, I thought I would try to recreate the issue and collect any images of diagnostics or messages for reference and pursual with Dell technical support.

The firmware in question was for a Dell-branded Intel(R) Ethernet 10G 2P X520 Adapter - which was showing the deployed release of 17.0.12 and was due to jump to 18.5.18 - which is quite the jump.

This time it downloaded and installed fine - without issue.

Which would suggest to me that there were new certificates or methods in the LLC/BIOS updates that allowed these to pass muster.

I would suggest that if you see this error and it has been a while sine the BIOS/LLC has been updated, and they are showing ready for an update, that you update these, restart, and revisit the firmware upgrade as opposed to starting faffing with hand downloaded versions installed over iDRAC. YMMV obviously.





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