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Today has involved a particularly unpleasant database issue. I appear to have gained a cPanel instance that has been running in innodb_force_recovery = 5 where it has apparently been for “a number of years” deep DEEP joy. Anyway – I resolved the issue to the point backups of sorts was possible – and realised this burning turd was going to need migrating when it noticed it was CentOS 5.11 (ewwww – how is that still happening out there?!). SO – time to ask cPanel for a steer on viability. Chrome > enter the correct details, press return and get presented with:

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Everyone has bad days – this isn’t the end of the world, ask a few colleagues – the same gig, leave it until the morning.

The same issue this morning. Check around. Same same.

Try incognito mode (thus ruling out plugins) – same shit.

Going to close a Firefox (Oh, Firefox, you used to be my go-to – what happened to you?!) instance I had open and thought I would give it just another go – in the first time.


Get a colleague to check – Chrome/Chromium fails … Firefox straight in. Reported (through Firefox!).

Chrome - 503 from nginx;

Firefox & Opera - works fine.

None the less – slowed us up overnight – harumph.

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