End of an era

This week forms the end of an era. I change employer.

I am English, living in Wales. Looking back - it has been over a decade... it still feels so temporal. So much water under so many bridges. Through all of this - there has been the reliability of work, even when the bike failed me.

Over eight years - spanning infrastructure design and builds, hardware moves, platform preferences, hardware evolution, buy out's, people coming and going, parties, laughter, tears,  so many challenged people... but at the end of it all getting the opportunity to be presented with problems, and reason-the-living-shit out of them to mostly workable solutions.

Eight years. Again feeling short, but for my colleagues, that is a third or quarter of their ENTIRE lives. Damn.

"So Long, And Thanks For All The Memes" Hosting UK - it has genuinely been emotional leaving, I have grown so much.

Hello Red Hat*, I cannot even begin to explain how much of an opportunity to grow and broaden my world this is.

But first a few days to generally order-my-ducks do 'ALL THE THINGS'.

Life. Never ceases to amaze.


* For those who are not familiar - this is an IBM or Microsoft of this world. I am all about the ethic and Open Source... and they are the largest Open Source company in the world and the primary contributor to the Linux Kernal. If you are not familiar with those last two words... look at your phone, your Sky Box, your router, your... just about anything. 

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