Cycliq Fly 12CE Firmware Upgrades

"Capture still images" -- hmm, well that has piqued my interest.

I went through the process of upgrading my Cycliq Fly 12 and Fly 6 up to the current spec.

I had been taken them for granted for quite some time just running them, and knowing they were there if I needed to rely on them. The way it should be.

I like to take pictures. I do. I carry an early generation Olympus Micro Tough in my jersey pocket - which is a testimony to their contruction, as that is a harsh humid environment. I take pictures while on the move.

Now running the Cycliq Fly12CE firmware it apparently can now capture still images (take pictures) while you are going along. You just have to push both buttons at one (Power and Q buttons). It makes a shutter like screetch, and you wait until you get home and have a look over the results. So I was curious - what is the Fly12CE like at taking pictures, capture still images, photos... whathave you.

Photograph / Capture Still

At 60fs and HD video - I was maybe hoping for a little much compared to say an 11MP compact. The light was good, bright, conditions hazy in the distance, otherwise good.

This was possibly the best image I snapped today using it.

Going on the strength of today's examples this is a feature I can live without given the quality. More is the shame. For me, this is blurred, dark, although did a great job of catching some foreground details with such a bright cloudy sky. It really is not a viable image.

Thank you for trying all the same.

Just because I can, and just because I was curious - I also took a still frame from slightly further down this road. The image has artifacts, and it is good to note that the street signs are bright and clear even in daylight with the front lab on strobe.

For comparison, a still from the video MP4:

Frame from Video

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