Stop replicating journald to syslog

A persistent journald configurations will result in duplication of log entries from systemd's Journald in the syslog. Journald is a binary format, so will not take up much space, however, there may be situations where you want to prevent this from occurring all the same.

The rsyslogd replicates the entries from the journald service by using a module called imjournal.

The module is included and configured in the /etc/rsyslog.conf file. At the time of writing this is at line 10 and line 43.

$ModLoad imjournal # provides access to the systemd journal

$IMJournalStateFile imjournal.state

Commenting out these lines, and then:

systemctl restart syslog

Will result in the systemd logging going to the /var/log/journal persistence files, and other logging going to /var/log/messages (… and all the joy and confusion that may bring).

However - if that is your goal - that is how you do it. Go team!

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