Proliant Microserver G7 16Gb Memory


HPE Proliant Microserver G7 officially supports up to 8Gbytes of RAM. Myth and legend suggests that it will take 16G of RAM with 'the right sticks'. The issue is that either the certified RAM is no longer made (Crucial), or the links from the older sources no longer work, or are for sticks that must be hand made by Mercury himself, and hand fettled from platinum. A cost effect viable option needs to be found.


HPE Proliant Microserver G7 - two working DIMM slots and firmware patched up to date.

Root Cause

  • Old forums have links to sites outside of your region;
  • Old forum links have expired;
  • Modules that do still exist are worth more than the microserver itself.


Find a generic with a recognised chip manufacturer and order.
Here is an example from received the next day (weekend) on Prime:

This is not ECC so questionable for enterprise use - but would you - really? However they are the required CL11 unbuffered PC3 DDR3.


Existing RAM in the server making up 4G was 2x2G sticks labelled as follows (please do add any spec you have in comments so we can build a better picture of what works within spec.):

Samsung M391B5673GB0-CH9
2GB 2Rx8 PC3-10600E-09-11-E3
HP PN 600209-161

Micron MT9JSF25672AZ-1F6M1ZF
2G 1Rx8 PC3-1200E-11-13-D1
HP PN 669237-071
HP Replace 684033-001

While TimeTec is not a brand I would any more have in enterprise than non ECC RAM - so that I can continue to make use of these hosts with tools that require 16G of RAM - it extends their usefulness considerably.

Shows as 16G consistently within the BIOS, also within the OS.

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