Fedora 30 static in sound

// Description
Running Fedora 30 on my Lenovo T480s I am experiencing static on one of the channels, but generally degradation on both. This does not appear to be affected by what the source is - be it browser or Spotify for example. This was not an issue when using RHEL 7.5 previously (this is a fresh install). The issue manifests itself after a prolonged period of time.

// Testing
The issue was initially presented when using the analogue line out from the Thunderbolt dock to an amplifier and in turn speakers/headphones. I had initially assumed that this was a fault with the amp switching or the amp itself.
Plugging the headphones directly into the laptop the issue could be recreated, but only after a period of time. To do this I needed to change the default output for sound in settings.
Plugging in a USB DAC/Amplifier into the Thunderbolt dock - I thought I had resolved the issue (the general and noticeable improvement of sound quality in the process an added bonus). Alas before too long (90 minutes?) the static returned.

// Solution / Work Around
A quick Google does come up with a fair number of results for Fedora and static. However nothing current, and nothing as specific as this is.
The workaround for this is simple. Settings > Sound > Output and select another output device (it doesn't matter if it is a viable choice), and then switch it back again. Resolved. Albeit until you need to do it again. : /

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