Screenshare with Fedora 30 and BlueJeans


Bluejeans is unable or unwilling to screen share in either the desktop application (best choice) or the web browser (second choice) when using Fedora 29 or 30.


Bluejeans is a pleasant looking, straightforward, well layed out video conferencing tool. Furthermore its endpoint agnostic. From my experience, it is a far better tool than Zoom or WebEx. The latter appearing (regretfully) to be the tool of choice for a large number of corporate organisations. The WebEx experience is one of all the memes you have seen with people coming and going, reintroducing themselves, not hearing, and so on. On the whole - short of resolution of screen sharing - Blue Jeans manages to evade most of this (despite it's desktop client being a resource whore in much the same way Chrome is).

<rant>Oh and minor rant - why does no one seem to use video - it makes communicating a LOT easier.</rant>


The issue lays with Wayland - the service that delivers the desktop. In short. Permissions. Permissions and security.

So with that in mind fair play.


This is a matter of enabling means or permissions to share:

Enable Pipewire:

$ systemctl --user enable pipewire
$ systemctl --user start pipewire

Note that this is done as the user, and using the - -user flag (minus minus if this gets mangled by fonts (it did)).


To get Chrome to play ball it is an internal configuration option.


Set this to enable. You are good to go.

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