Dunning-Kruger Rules

"Hire a teenager while they still know everything."

I saw this in the back window of a car once - a car park in Canterbury one Saturday - I was a student at the time - it was in the company of others such as "Dad's Taxi". Ewww.

In my world, covering a laptop in stickers is super fine - but covering a car is off-limits for some reason. Maybe it is the esthetic? Whatever it is these double standards do not sit well with me. I digress (always) - onward:

The concept of the Dunning-Kruger Effect from my understanding is that the less you know, the more you overestimate your ability. The more you know - the more you see your limitations.

I have learnt SO MUCH over the last year. SO much.

All the bits you know you know, and all the bits you have adsorbed along the way - either through use, or exposure. Vast quantities. Like a sponge.

Right about now I feel like I know NOTHING.

It is like people are going out of their way to throw problems in front of me that I know nothing, or enough to know that is not something I can solve.

… and there is the rub. That should be "not something I can solve (right now)" or indeed "… but I know someone who can."

Alas right now - RIGHT now - the worlds of ZDLR are in my head - "If ignorance is bliss, knock the smile off my face."

As I approach another birthday - 46 this year - the goal this year won't be a "Swim faster / further" or "Rediscover the joy of riding" or the generic burying... no slaying of long-standing demons - it will be to get comfortable with 'not knowing'.

Specifically KNOWING what you don't know - and being cool with that.

Uh yes, and before I forget, the other thing - posting more.

Not just the technical stuff mind. Not just the aide-memoire - the ideas - the adventures - the pictures - the love.

I am more than a trained monkey, a glorified pusher of keys*.


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