This statement usually triggers one of the following responses:

  1. Collaborate and Listen;
  2. In the name of love;
  3. Hammer Time.

...which I should think puts you in a certain pigeon hole depending on what comes to mind first. I digress: It is really REALLY moist out there for mid August, and I had cause to ride my winter bike with The Child Process - and no matter what I did - the front brake howled.

- Cleaner. Check.
- Alignment. Check. ReCheck. Repeat.
- Shoes out, sand paper. Check.

I seem to be cursed with new technology. Always. Although through the intermate discovery of their workings through pain and repeated pain get a reasonably good deep dive into their world. The pain of tubeless made an appearance at the same time as disc in fairness to them both.

This week I order new break pads for the front (metal L04C), and a set of 160 and 140 Ultegra ICE rotors and discs.

Now, if you wouldnt mind - ENOUGH of the howling.


Thoughts about putting the mudguards back on have occurred, along with reducing the stem length from 100mm to 80mm which does not sound like a lot, but the bars are particularly deep - so this should make thinks a little less like having to lay myself over it.

So... wet winter, and pending autumn - I see what you are up to - and I am readying my army! BRING IT ON.

*Oh yeah, lets wait for the all clear from the fracture clinic first maybe ;)

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