Bleeding brakes!

It's official. I got around to watching the videos, reading the documents and apparently made things worse. Bleedin' brakes!

However what I did discover while offering the 'bleed tool' (inverted funnel that screws in with a dandy plug-stick arrangement) was that out of the box it doesn't fit current 105 brakes.

There were a selection of words at this point.

A day or so later a huge win noticing a small white plastic tube threaded male and female that SCREWS ONTO THE BLEED TOOL.

There is a god.

Kits come pre attached at the callipers end these days, and the lever end is push insert. A plug in lever, and a sealed end to the hose mean that both are charged with hydraulic fluid so the job is half done.

All it takes now is for me to attempt to flush out any bubbles and make it all actually worse.


For those who are not cursed with such things - the take away here is that there is usually an adapter with your brake set to make the bleed kit fit.

Insult to injury - I then loose the clamp tube down the sink while cleaning.


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