Hunt x Mason 4 season disc versions

I have just built up a second bike around the Hunt x Mason 4 season disc wheels as I was so pleased with the first pair (when switching from Mavic Aksium). However there have been notable revisions since then. Here follows a few of these from an external point of view.

The front hub is no longer conical it is a larger diameter cylinder. The flange on the brake side being larger also (previously being both large - now it is just the brake side).

Branding is now on the hub twice as opposed to branding and bearing information.

The rear hub sees a step off as opposed to a slope away from the freehub bearing.

The freehub itself has also changed and bears the word ceramic - a reference I assume to a ceramic bushing as opposed to its material. It also lacks the insert that was previously intended to stop the cassette biting. The drive side flange may also be larger.

The rim I believe has a wider profile. Text on it has changed - again of little consequence but the positioning has changed as at the valve there is a reflective panel.

In terms of "what's in the box" the order process now includes a 'what is the bike' after purchase to ensure your box arrives with skewers or bolt through. The last set arrived with adapters for different widths. The body being hollow so removal I should imagine would allow a bolt through to be fitted.

Centre lock (I used the one that came with the rotors as I have tooling for that) retainer, and a bolt on disk adapter that works with that. Spokes. Spoke tool. Stickers in black and white.

Both pairs are shod with Schwalbe Pro One Evo in 28c with the supplied tubeless rim tapes and peaty nice sparkly blue sealant.

Thank you Hunt. Keep up the good work.

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