Mudguard low

SKS Chromeplastic Mudguards. Very much the most robust mudguards I have had the pleasure of using. However fitting them is hateful. Doing it twice this evening has damaged me! Why do they have to be so manual to fit - its almost enough to make you move to those velcro on affairs!

Not only are you cluttering the beautiful lines of the bike but you are accepting the glory days of summer are spent, and that those damp cold dark blustery days that nibble at the edges of your soul are waiting to take their seats.

This evening I re fitted one pair of wobbly clattering arcs of plastic, with their spindly spider like legs - which was painful enough; then fitted a new pair to my partners bike. The wrestling with the stays and cutting the steel to length after bending them to meet the mount points pf non standard forks is SUCH a joy.

Three hours. THREE HOURS of bending. Cutting. Drilling. Finding. Not finding. Improvising. Making good. My fingers - LOOK AT MY FINGERS - I am a typist damnit!


Wet feet. Wet backside. Minimised.

Right then Autumn ... bring it.

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