Netgear DM 200 not new firmware


Back on the 15th September 2019 - Netgear sent me a handy email telling me that there was a new firmware version for the Netgear DM200 ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+/VDSL modem. Being the kidna guy I am - this is honey to a bee, so this goes on the to-do list - to have the brakes slammed on by the "hang on - hasnt this happened before?"
Yes - lets have a look see if this is actually a new firmware.

Okay - so here we are - there must have been a CVE raised, now GA and freshly baked for my hardware - lets go and look into it apparently. Ace.

Heading over to their site to check out the new warez and specifically the release notes. First things first - this is HUGELY generic - "Fixed security issues" - which is like a mash up of the "THIS IS FINE" and "ALL THE THINGS" memes. What the hell does this do, change, fix? Please see me after class. Next up is the rather important "Last Updated:12/24/2018 | Article ID: 000060489" - so yeah, this is not new. Not even close.

Thank you for sending out emails to the general populous to remind them to update their firmware - however I cannot help but feel there will be a lot of people needlessly resetting their hardware out of modem mode, flashing firmware, getting connected, and then having to switch back into modem mode and getting their firewall/router to talk to the damned thing.

Pro Tip Netgear - please:
1. State what you have changed in your firmware - specifically if it has a CVE attached. Letting people know you have fixed things is not an admission of guilt or failure but a good thing. Open-ness == Fabulous-ness.
2. Please just send out emails when you have a new version of firmware - rather than triggering me periodically.

In the interim - I notice that OpenWRT has support for these devices - but I wonder if this is in Modem Mode? How much pain do I want to inflict on my little grey cells, and stress on my heart to find out? Given that their last update was just over two months ago (first of July 2019) - maybe that would be something worthwhile [OpenWRT Netgear DM200] - and put my faith where my ethics are after a little research.

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