DSM MariaDB Admin Password fails


Installing MediaWiki or WordPress on Synology DSM fails with the administrator's password to the MariaDB 10 database.


  • DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3
  • MariaDB 10.3.21-0063


  • You are not going nuts.
  • The database installs listening on a socket only.
  • Open the MariaDB application.
  • Change this from just listening on the socket to TCP and you are now able to log in.
  • Your admin password was right all along.


  • Repeatedly getting errors about the admin password you have just typed in.


I live in a world what is more complicated than it needs to be. My stress levels reflect this. However I learn best first hand from tinkering, and more often than not breaking stuff. What I guess would have been referred to as a kinaesthetic learner once upon a time.

Installing MediaWiki with the intent to write down configurations to aid everyone's understanding, and a WP instance so my small person can have a blog without it being out in the wider world.... and I was repeatedly running into this issue.

Anyway, a problem shared and all that.

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