Canyon Endurance:On Front Bolt Thru


I needed a replacement bolt through / bolt-thru front axle for a Canyon Endurance:On 7 - there were no measurements written on it - and it appeared to be a very non-standard size.


Having attempted a roadside repair of a flat I had managed to round off the 5mm hex head that was required to remove the bolt.

While this can be remedied - it is a limited-time affair, and involves hammering in the next size up torq into the rounded void, and using a wrench to remove it.

This is not something that it is easily re-creatable roadside - especially as most flats occur in the dark, wet, back of nowhere, with no phone signal, and its minus 5.

The wheels shipped with this bike are Alexrims Iridium RXD5C and the front is indeed a 15x100 (the rear is a more standard 12x142) - however these are just SOME of the details you need to know for a bolt-thru axle.


  • The bolt has no measurements
  • "But all Canyon bolts have a thread pitch of 1.0 not 1.5"

  • "We have one that may fit - but it is too long and will stick out"

  • Canyon: "I cannot assist any further I am afraid - this is now with engineering - they will update you when they can."


  1. Robert Axle project assisted GREATLY - and provided me with a drop in that was indeed slightly too long - but did do the trick - ensuring I could do roadside repairs if necessary.

  2. Having waited almost two months - out of the blue a replacement arrived from Canyon. The item delivered was finished to a far higher standard, had the measurements and part ID laser etched on it, and had a more suitable 6mm head. Faith restored. However, it would have been great to have had this confidence and product knowledge up front. The flip side to that is there is ZERO resemblance between the two. The hex head is a far more suitable 6mm, has the measurements and part numbers on it, and has been machines to a requirement as opposed to a "bolt".


  • Length is 121.5mm

  • Thread Pitch M14x1.5 (not standard for Canyon)

  • Diameter 15mm





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