Rear Lamp / Fizik Mistral / Speedmax CF mount

I have been trying to get a rear bike light to fit neatly and reliably on the Fizik Mistral that is on my Speedmax CF.

By reliably I mean something that works, is day bright, and is level, and is not fouling up the seat position.

For years my go-to rear light has been the Four4ths Scorpion [].

Despite their historical mount options it just doesn't work with this saddle forward on the seat pin.

Enter the Exposure TraceR [].

The exposure seat mount doesn't cut it either it turns out - being wide enough but fouling the seat post and binder - which came very close to failure from me - however, given the mounts low price it was time to get inventive.

I had already cut away and sanded down the various bulges that were on the underside of the saddle for the clip in saddle bag (that would likely rattle unbelievably?!) in an attempt to liberate space for other mounts in different locations and orientation. Cutting off the lugs on the seat rail light mount meant it would locate under the saddle (above the rails) forward of the bottle mounts (forward of the Allen headed bolts on the side - but getting it to stay there would be the challenge.

Having suitably roughened up both sides of the join I used expanding Gorilla glue to stick the unit in place.

Once cured, I put in two fine pilot holes, and put in two short self-tapping wood screws to ensure the glue could maintain its bond - and the mount stays in place.

While treating this Heath Robinson approach with respect - it is yet to budge, and the mount and lamp are light enough to manage the vibration and continue to perform a more than suitable double act while remaining within the RTTC (or whatever they are called these days) rules for needing a rear lamp. Huzzah.

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