Aeox disk wheel – Vittoria Corsa Speed -Tubeless


Having trouble seating tubeless Vittoria Corsa Speed Graphene 2.0  on Aero Coach Aeox rear disk wheel.



I am in the fortunate position where I have the choice between a disk rear and a deep section ( DT Swiss ARC1400 80mm) rear wheel on my time trial bike (Canyon Speedmax CF).

In the interests of same-same, the intent was to run front and both rears on the same tyre, tubeless, with a sealant.

The disk has run this last season with a tube, as it was not for seating on the rim otherwise - just a long hissing, with no even partial inflation, movement, anything. More pumping. Repeat.

The rim is tubeless-ready. I had no issues seating the same tyres on the DT Swiss rims.



After going through the same/similar process repeatedly nothing was really changing. There is only so much inflating the resevoir to watch it all hiss out you are willing to do before being reminded of Einstein's repetition to same outcome statement.

Three steps appear to have resolved the issue.


A further layer of rim tape. The internal bed of the rim is very wide indeed. I am using the Schwalbe tubeless tape in blue. It works with everything else. However I noticed that while it covered the spoke holes, it meandered left and right, and didn't run-up to the edges. Another layer was applied.


Using an old paintbrush - I slathered on the sealant around the inside of the rim, and around the outside of the tape. I think more than anything this clinched the deal.

On application of pressure - rather than disappointingly hissing away all my hard work it caught the pressure and SNAP BANG SNAP and generally terrified me as it made good with the hooks in the rim edge.

The first attempt was not round - so I repeated having cleaned up the rum and tyre of sealant / general crap - repeated - and it seated properly.


I let this wonder settle in place and essentially bond into place.

Then the next day deflated (rim edges staying in place) - removed the valve core - and filled with sealant to the required quantity and reinflated.



A wider rim seems to cause more issues with a not-so-wide tyre.

Sealant is used as a lubricant and means to capture the air on inflation seems to be the way forward.

Allowing this to dry to hold the rim in place before filling with sealant proper seems to be a winning strategy.

While I am still yet to be one over by its effectiveness on high-pressure tyres - its a bunch better than no hope as you are not carrying a pump, levers, patches, and a tube around a TT course.

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