MySQL WorkBench SSL required


MySQL workbench 8.0.27 requires SSL.

There does not appear to be an option to turn it off.


Database > Manage Connections...

When setting up a new connection in the connection manager - having hammered in the (correct, verified) username and password - I am getting an error that has me Googling for "mysql workbench no ssl option."

mysql workbench failed to connect at server.blah:3306 with user root ssl connection error: ssl is required but the server doesn't support it

Looking under the SSL tab - there is no option here to not use SSL. There is:

  • Require
  • Require and Verify CA
  • Require and Verify Identity

... which is not a bunch of use when the error you are getting makes it clear that the connection is failing due to a lack of SSL.

mysql workbench SSL tab settings



There is no option here to disable SSL - so we can stop looking for it.

Next tab over is ADVANCED.

On the ADVANCED TAB while configuring a new connection - there is a field marked OTHER

You can place a key pair here to disable SSL (because, you know, having that as an option in the drop-down would be too hard).


This turns off the required. Good times.



Yes, it is an option to add the certificates to the server - in fact - this is the preferred option.

However, imagine you have a MariaDB container that works just fine - and you cannot be bothered - to the point that you are using mySQL Workbench for convenience.

Not having an option to connect without SSL would be a deal-breaker and seeing me use one of the other tools available - either under Wine or Oracle wants me to buy something from (not them) Navicat ;)

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