Today, I will mostly be recharging.

I dont think I have been through this before - so bear with me if I have.

During the pandemic, work noticed that no one appeared to be taking any holiday.

In the past this gets HR in a fluster and they are all about the panic of people taking holiday, and not burning, and discussions start about the NEED to be taking holiday.

Not for us it would seem.

They gave us four extra days.

Yes - read that again - your eyes do not deceive you. FOUR, and EXTRA days appear in that sentance. One per quarter to be exact.

The concern was not one of people burning holiday - but rather that they were not. The staff were not taking a break in a time when things were - to be fair - pretty full on.

So a day per quarter were introduced for the purpoess of rechardging. Appearing in calendars as RHRD with a number.

MOST people take it on the same day - but not everyone can do that. As a lot of us are in engineering or support roles, where all being out at once is never going to fly.... so we book another day.


So here I am - recharging two weeks after my colleagues - with a blue sky, some domestic chores done, some washing on th eline, my hair cut, and sat in the summer house looking out over the Clwydian Range IN SHORTS no less. Epic day - warmest this year - deep blue skies. Oh... and a brew, and a dog that wants me to throw the ball.

Today I will mostly being thankful.

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