Muc Off Ceramic versus Squirt Wax & Water Emulsion


Switching from liquid chain lubes, to a wax.
Update after Spring Summer - albeit of limited and dry(ish) riding.


  • KMC and Shimano chains in 10 and 11speed.
  • Power Link.
  • Road / time trial / indoor.
  • Muc-Off Ceramic Dry and Wet lube out.
  • Squirt Wax and Water Emulsion lube in.

What is happening

The Muc Off Ceramic ages like milk
Chains become dirty quickly, and a hard flaking brown fling occurs after more extended use - or sets on the chain if not used (for example, over say, the summer on a winter bike).
I am (overly) diligent about chain maintenance, and will frequently degrease, and reoil chains and power train.
This is more of a faff with disk brakes due to their LOVE of even the slightest presence of chemical fling.
I was hearing delicious things about wax lubricants - either hot wax, or application ones.


I made the call with three bikes:

  • Time trial (turbo trainer)
  • Summer (dusty summer roads)
  • E-bike (no jibes - fat boy these days, not bike fit)

Each was removed via the power link, and left to enjoy a bath in a jar of petrol, with time to evaporate before a brief bath in the ultrasonic cleaner, and a time to dry.
The chains were refitted, and given two coats of squirt as per the instructions.
A white bubbly (once shaken up) liquid with a distinct water (I had seen Finish Line waxes in my youth - a thinner petroleum-based carrier in the past - was it Krylon?) like consistency. It settled in on the roller and moved into the gaps through rotation friction instead of capillary action.


This goes on clean.
Is surprisingly quiet to the point of an initial raised eyebrow.
Stays clean. Like CLEAN clean.
Forms dark coloured bogies like you would usually get on jockey wheels - but again - you wipe these down with a cloth and re-apply to each roller when you get back.
My sprockets stay silver(ish) there is no fling.
There is no familiar grit getting in there.
How do I think it will put up with rain, salt, and the winter?
ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA.... yet - but I will revisit hopefully.
In closing: Muc-Off - sorry - you products smell nice, talk a good talk, but have been displaced by some far less technically branded white goop.
Squirt - thumbs up!

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