Non matching Powerlink to assist in chain lubrication


Oiling chains - it's a thing. In fact chain mainenance is a chore / necessary evil.
Gone are the days when I would just turn the chainring and skip the nose of the lube bottle down the side fo the rollers, leave for a bit and wipe off.
These days it is one drip per roller - but need to keep an eye on where I start and when I am done as it is not always super apparent.


  • Shimano chain
  • Power Link
  • Wax or wet oil

What is happening

Ensuring I have been around the chain with a drop on each roller.


I accidentally bought a gold Powerlink at some point and had been putting off using it the longest time.
It is now something I buy on purpose for my silver/black chains.
It makes locating a starting and, thus, endpoint MUCH less grief.
Small wins in your day are pleasant when doing crappy jobs.


Right up there with aligning the tyre label with the valve stem to make it easier / quicker / one less thing in your day to worry about.
Gold link is far harder to miss, and end up dropping on more oil than you need to.

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