Sonos dropout, delay, and not connecting to my AP


Sonos systems are no longer showing attaching to my Access Points / Wireless Network. There are significant delays when changing volume skipping tracks, and often it will simply stop playing or refuse to play a specific track. This is universal across whatever the source, cloud or local.


  • This is a Sonos S2 environment.
  • Multiple rooms.
  • Some are wired - some are not.
  • Those thare are wired have wireless disabled - with the exception of one group.
  • Those near a switch port are plugged in. These tend to be in poor reception areas or near high bandwidth sources or devices.
  • Multiple wired access points are installed with wide coverage.
  • These are not meshing and connect at gigabit.
  • They present different non-overlapping frequency bands in 2.4 and 5 GHz spaces.
  • There is a notable Sonos channel that appears to all APs.

What is happening

Sonos devices have an option to turn wireless on and off.
Devices that are wired, and have wireless enabled will attempt to create a mesh network with other unwired devices.
This is problematic for me for two reasons.

  • The existing 2.4 network is congested; this will add noise to that space.
  • Wired IoT devices are usually wired for me because I want to reduce interference/chatter or there is terrible reception where they are.

While these meshing efforts are admirable, there are no means to turn these on and off for groups of speakers. By this, I mean sound bar and a sub, or surrounds, or speakers with a sub.


Sonos support suggested wiring the speakers that were having the issue. These are remote, and this is a pain.
The solution for me was to unplug the sound bar (that had wireless enabled, as disabled was not an option).
Instantly I saw the sonos devices hop to the nearest AP, and a large chunk of interference go.


I appreciate this is intended to make things simpler for most people.
I also appreciate that allowing access to logging is not your thing.
Without logging, this was all about figuring out what pain a proprietary device was causing (to itself) and modelling its behaviour.
Dear Sonos:

  • Can I have grouped devices communicating via another frequency space so as to not clutter 2.4 Ghz.
  • Can I have the means to turn on or off meshing for scenarios where a wired device will need wireless on to speak to its grouped members - or can it do this via a common access point if this is fast enough?
  • Can I have access to logs so I can at least progress some issues myself and help you to help me?
  • Unplugging the one device with poorer reception (but still not bad) improved performance for all others.
    While counterintuitive - I now understand why.

I can only imagine what kind of fresh hell would have been unleashed if I had Spanning Tree Protocol enabled.

If this is useful - let me know - if not, this lives on as a reminder to myself.

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