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Online Shopping Badly

Growing up and unable to do my own bike mechanics – my friends and I pretty much floated our local bike shop (LBS). These days, with tools, experience, and a bit of a clue – it is very much a case of acquisition of items is the only barrier (short of knowing which item you require). So… select online vendor – item in stock – order on Saturday – Wednesday I get a dispatch notification, and…. HANG ON A MOMENT?!

So lets clarify this – Saturday – the weekend – Ordered. WEDNESDAY 96 hours later I get a confirmation of shipping notification – for an item that was sowing as IN STOCK in a friendly shade of green. FOUR DAYS – two thousand and SIXTEEN? Really?

Sorry – did I slip back into a world of “allow 21 days for delivery” … when between you and me back then the post was pretty damned hot – so it would have been 1 day for standard post delivery 20 days of … who knows what (I seem to remember this being the worst for things purchased with tokens off of Star Wars toys as a child – “WHERE IS MY GAMORREAN GUARD MUMMY?!“). Given the fact there was a charge for delivery I am pretty much incredulous.

My usual weapon of choice is Wiggle – who if they have it in stock it will be next day maybe, more likely day after, worst case – day after that. Chain Reaction Cycles however – oh no – and this is not the first time.

For the love of [deity of choice] Chain Reaction Cycles get your game together.

*although to be fair they were the only ones with the item I required : /


Six days after placing the order, for items that were in stock last Saturday – they arrived today. I stand corrected that there was no charge for delivery however. The delivery however being the least of my concerns. Ordered to be prepared – the day before I pretty much went through a set of shoes in a single ride. Nice.


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