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Chain ring bolt failure

Who breaks a chain ring bolt? Oh.. apparently me. Although in my defence this was not hulking my mass up a hill or accelerating towards some real or imaginary line on the ground… it was, regretfully, with an allen wrench, at home.

I have had these things works loose before. First I knew of it was just a random check. One tight as hell, rest rattling… so THAT is what the noise was.

How the tables turn. Checking them again, the one that was tight now turns a little, so I turn it some more. Oh. Instantly it is apparent the turn I felt was me sheering the bolt… . Nice.

Panic. Online searching for Cannondale chain ring bolts. Nothing. Similar sure, but nothing the same.

Then spoke with a friend who pointed out – that CHAIN RING BOLTS ARE A STANDARD SIZE. The choices are length/depth (single, double, triple chainsets) and material from which they are made (alloy, steel, titanium).

One trip to the shed later, returning with a selection of bolts and panic be gone.

Who knew?

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