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cPanel v60.0 and SSL Management

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After an ‘interesting’ weekend pushing out various fixes short and long term for Dirty CoW – I was quick to hold my hands up when it was discovered that there was now an error message to the new, improved, shiny cPanel current version. However – like so many user accounts I would rather break a specific piece of functionality than have someone ‘in me’ in a flash… so CoW update pulls rank. That’s fine.

SO – raise this with cPanel support – and it transpires – firstly – IT WASN’T ME \o/ (righteous!).

Secondly – this is a known bug with the v60.0 of cPanel.

This can be recreated through the following steps

From WHM log in as a user;

Once in their CPANEL control panel – select SSL/TLS from under SECURITY heading;

Under INSTALL AND MANAGE SSL FOR YOUR SITE (HTTPS) there is an option marked MANAGE SSL SITES click on this… #livingthedream.

…and there we have it.

They are ware of this and will be working to resolve shortly.

Best of all… I DIDN’T BREAK IT! Yay.




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