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Hunt + Kinesis – centre lock or 6 bolt?

Kinesis RaceLight 4S disc and Hunt 6 bolt convertors – in a nutshell – they do not work together. Your best bet is a centre lock rotor.

Take a rather delicious set of hunt 4 season disk – and their rather fine looking 6 bolt centrelock adapters. These are screwless. The rotor fits over the pins on the block, and a plate goes over that and a circular retainer screws into the centrelock thread (using conveniently the Shimano bottom bracket tool… convenient as I have one!). 40nm later and its all neat and tidy, but the wheel is not… turning?

This is pretty crucial for a wheel thing. So closer inspection followed. The outer retaining bolt fouls on the bulge for the calliber mount. Fouls as in digs into the paint.

ABOVE we have a picture showing the device in it’s component parts… REALLY nicely made (just like the wheels).

BELOW we have a picture of the device fouling the fork.

Going out on a limb, being a roadie, and having no experience of disk beyond what I am using right here right now – and the voyage of adventure that was… I guessed that centerlock was going to involve less bulk – and these were primarily centerlock hubs. So ordered a set of 140 Shimano rotors.

Much relief… they fit.

So – should you find yourself heading down the same route – which rotors for kinesis racelight 4season disc for Hunt X Mason 4 season wheels? Go straight to centre lock. Save yourself that journey of discovery : )

Which is a shame… as the orange anodized rotors would have looked fabulous!

4 Responses to “Hunt + Kinesis – centre lock or 6 bolt?

  • Hi there,

    Great Post.

    I tried posting on your post about your Kinesis build back in Oct 2016, but for some reason it would not post so hoping this will get to you.

    I am preparing to do exactly the same setup. The only thing I am concerned about is the sizing of the frame. Would you mind telling me what size you got and your height ? so I can get a comparison. It just seems the sizing on their site would come out too big for me for the height I am.



    • Their sizing worked out for me. But clearly, you found it otherwise? The frame has more seat post and more stand over for the same size frame than others I have ridden. I bought the frame as opposed to ‘a bike’ and it worked out with their sizing – but each to their own I guess.

  • Michael
    2 years ago

    Exact same problems with the Kenesis Tracer 1.5 DISC TA fork with DT Dwiss E1800 using the 6 bolt adaptor.

  • Good evening Michael –

    These are marked as TRACER FLT. MNT. DISC. 1.5 – so I am assuming that is flat mount. Good to know – thank you for sharing regarding the Tracer 1.5 Disc TA also…. I can live without nice matching anodizing (honestly) – and centre lock is actually quite a tidy solution to be fair – it just came as a bit of “REALLY?!” moment as I looked at the nice Hope rotors, at the clearance, and back again.

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