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I got 99 problems but my head ain’t one

It was a year or so ago I broke my long term relationship with Giro Helmets. The last time I had cause to rely on one – you know – for that whole – “oh I am still alive” bit was 20 years ago and a Specialized. Purple it was, and rarely for the period had a hard shell on the outside. It took a hell of a beating. However – it was of the old school – a giant mushroom – and when it came time to get a new one – the new Giro’s were a world apart – and such the jump was made. I believe it was a Helios, and then a Pneumo.

My most recent replacement was to a Kask Helmet. After returning the first one I tried (their top of the range – as it was one of those ‘perch on top of my giant head’ type affairs) I was very happy with the curiously named Mojito … Time Flies When You are Having Rum as we all know. I liked how far down the back of my head it covered. Simple things. Oh that and the huge air flow, ridiculously comfortable, proper reflective patches on the back, and … one thing that I never thought would be a selling point – the artificial level chin strap. Being a sweaty beast a standard one gets very crusty on a long ride, wet, and sore. Their artificial leather does not – neither does it deform or bunch up – a win for  me that I did not expect.

This Easter Sunday saw it impress me again. “Imagine my surprise to find a car coming towards me on my side of the road”.

A thump to the head from a car, with a second from the tarmac. Looking at this crease leaves me pretty cold, and imagining how much more than parting my hair that would have done. Sure – so the rest of me wasnt so dandy – but hey – head first right?

While the outside held the shell together, the inside, which has these ribs offset from my head as it happens, which I had not noticed – nice … has cracked and crushed to adsorb the impact.

The ambulance crew said, twice, that I had not hit my head. Well – excuse me! This being said – it is worthy of comment…

I got ninety nine problems, but my head ain’t one

If you are going to crash and involve your head then  the Kask Mojito is there when I needed it for a device designed not to feel like its there – it was 100% there when I did – nice one.





2 Responses to “I got 99 problems but my head ain’t one

  • “In this weeks gripping episode of No Shit Sherlock…”

    … which I would stand by.

    Mates who have had largeer blows to the head rendering their helmets rather mute windchimes strapped together – the resultant can leave with ongoing issues such as forgetfulness, repetition, so on. However they are still here – yay.

    Sure – there is also the camp that say that this introduces a larger leverage on the neck – in terms of rotational force – and I am behind that too. Equally I am aware that the stats in AU were skewed in terms of number of accidents, when vast numbers of people simply stopped riding when it became mandatory there to wear a helmet.

    Most annoyingly is the question from the professional … “were you wearing a helmet?”

    Please ask this with caution and tact… as “was this the root cause of my injuries?” … NO, it was a negligent driver being in a space they should not have been.. the helmet was mostly keeping my head warm up to that point. Equally it is not indicative of diligence.

    The last time I had cause to USE one a bunch of it wore away through dragging. This time, I would have had more than my hair parted. I chose to wear one… however I appreciate that a layer of foam and shell on top of my head is not a cure all, and I respect the wishes of others to wear / not wear as they see fit. The latter is an important thing to me.

  • Not that I am planning to defy (openly) my orthopedic / trauma consultant or physiotherapist – however the main material obstacle for me to getting back on the bike has been overcome.

    ‘just saying.

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