Linphone 3.6.1 Fedora 31 stunParseHostName

What is wrong?

Having upgraded from Fedora 30 to Fedora 31 – I now find that my Linphone does not work, it does not even start. The installed version of Linphone is linphone-3.6.1-32.fc31.rpm

What is happening?

Clicking on the icon nothing happens.

Running it from the console it errors straight away and returns the prompt.

linphone: symbol lookup error: /lib64/ undefined symbol: stunParseHostName

How did I fix it?

The issue is apparently with ortp which handles all the RTP calls – hence the error. The version it has installed (at the moment) for F31 is 1:0.24.2-2.fc31. This appears to be where the issue is.

I removed Linphone with a yum remove Linphone (to avoid the obvious issues with dependencies) first of all. This leaves any configuration in place remember.

yum search –showduplicates ortp regretfully showed that I had a choice of that package or nothing. So I sourced the earlier version from Fedora 30

yum install ortp-0.23.0-9.fc30.i686.rpm

Which in turn pulls in a number of dependencies.

Now reinstalling linphone I no longer get any dependency issues, or warnings, it starts, pulls in the existing configuration, and works.

Happy days.

Stuff I found that was relevant

Red Hat Bugzilla – Bug 1718221

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  • ‘sudo dnf downgrade ortp –releasever=30’ does the trick without the need to remove any package.

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