Ikea Symfonisk Sonos into a desktop monitor

Project SYMFONISK: I appear to have accidentally butchered the Ikea Sonos SYMFONISK into a pair of proper speakers.

A bit of an expensive gamble but HE ROLLS AND WINS!

The WhatHiFi review of the SYMFONISK refers to it as the best sounding bookshelf ever… which is a unique and rarely challenged title on the whole. They sound okay – but they the “half the price of a Sonos” per unit, and this is evident in the sound they produce as functionality is the same.
I found an article where someone was tearing the guts out of one and using a single desktop speaker.

I share an office desk with a 90’s Kenwood big-knob amp, and two rather underused AVI Biggatron’s on shot filled Atacama Stands I had for my now perished AVI Nu Neutron’s. These were my intended prey. It would be ace to end this experiment with two working Sonos speakers, and a chunk of metal off my desk and with the recycling people / new life. Goal set.

The plan was to put a phat hole in the rear, disconnect the high-end crossover, and bi-wire the two drivers to two digital amplifiers in the SONOS compatible SBC. The Bigga-Tron’s sport two drivers that still appear to be shockingly expensive within a sealed / infinite baffle enclosure.

Woofer: Vifa C17WG-69-08 91db 8ohm
Tweeter: Scan-speak D2905/930000
Cabinet: Greaves of Sheffield.

The cabinet bears the stamp inside saying Greaves of Sheffield May 1989 – Sweet Jesus these are 30 years old! Wowser. Anyway – the MDF is veneered outside and in. Cherry outside, and unfinished inside grain. High-density mineral boards are attached to the long faces inside, and a vast amount of glass-fibre-like wadding (without the itching hell). This is not a Friday afternoon with a glue gun affair… and losing a little class with me putting a hole in its back.

Having read the article that started it all, and witnessed the size of the heat sink, it struck me that this would need ventilation. The designed Ikea enclosures are ported reflex so they would in essence ‘breathe’ while in operation. The Bigga-Tron’s are sealed. This I am not pleased with. So as a temporary measure I have mounted left the smarts in place, and dragged out two runs of speaker cable via the port, and wired directly to the now disconnected from the crossover drivers – CAREFULLY noting the polarity and the wiring (which is the opposite in terms of colour coding to the AVI).
Reassembling the antiques and firing them up – they sound ‘okay’. Then I used the Sonos TruePlay … Oh My God. Okay – this works.

Allowing the wonder of Psycho Acoustics which is quite impressive with a little Sonos Play One lose on a pair of high-end units is something really rather special (replacing one of the four drivers would set me back more than the two Ikea units for perspective).

Ladies and gentlemen – if you are a Sonos home, and you have some underused beautiful speakers – you are inquisitive, not a danger to yourself or others with a soldering iron, and in a position to experiment… then this is a very satisfying thing to do on a rainy afternoon.

Separation, clarity, drive, musicality – hello to you.

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